Mighty Trucking offers a number of ways to pay your bill. Use the options below to select the right one for you.

Credit Application

Apply on-line for Mighty Trucking credit.


Use this form to setup an authorization to debit directly from your checking or saving account for the purpose of bill payments to Mighty Trucking. Click the button to download the form. Then print, fill out, and e-mail or fax back to us.


Enter your bill-of-lading number, payment amount, and click the “Pay Now” button to send us a payment using your credit or debit card, e-check, or PayPal account.


Process easy, secure and seamless payments on the smartest and most flexible online platform with +5K vendors. Cargo Sprint accepts multiple forms of payment, including credit card, check, ACH, and CargoSprint Credit.


The PayCargo System addresses payer’s needs to act quickly, safely and resourcefully through electronic online payments. Our patented technology, allows the payer to eliminate extra processes and cut costs associated with errors, paperwork, and personnel. PayCargo, LLC, connects the payer and vendor on a real-time platform that transmits important financial information and payment. This immediate transparency not only improves payment communication but also allows for significant cost savings through automation and standardization.


Short on time? No problem! Easily pay Mighty Trucking by sending a copy of the check payment via fax or email (PDF). Mighty Trucking can deposit the payment using the copy you send.

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